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Visa Tracker

Track any immigration or visa case using receipt numbers and get the latest updates from your case compiled into one place. Get guidance at every stage of your application and receive notifications any time your status changes.

Comprehensive Analytics

Using the most advanced analytic tools, we aggregate and extract all of the relevant information from your case for you to read at a glance. No more mazes of info and sources.


Join our growing, inclusive community of legal immigrants and visa seekers. Co-track visa cases with friends and family, ask questions, and receive support along the way.


From one off questions to finding the best lawyers for your case, our network of legal experts will provide you with the most comprehensive and competitively priced solutions catered to your visa case.

Visa Watcher

Track Any Visa Application. Live Updates. Get Latest Immigration News. Analytics and Mobile Platforms.
The All-In-One Visa Tracker

Every year, there are a million new legal immigrants to the United States. These hardworking, law abiding individuals possess world class skills needed to fill the gap in job market demand. However, the process for legal immigration is long and often desperate. Visa Watcher’s mission is to provide an easy to use platform to track your visa application, and ultimately, any immigration process. Visa Watcher aggregates and accumulates your case information and extracts only the relevant statistics so you can plan with a real-time updated estimates of processing times, receive guidance for next steps, and co-track cases with family and friends. The road to obtain a US visa is long and hard, but you don't have to do it alone. Visa Watcher’s community boasts the largest social network for immigrants to share their story and experiences, to encourage, and to help everyone to get closer to the goal. Visa Watcher also provides the most comprehensive network of lawyers and legal advisers available for everything from simple questions and verification to the finding the best legal team to manage even the most complicated cases. Come join us in your journey, and we will be there with you along the way!


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